Photographer and Also Professor of Photography in Columbia Accused of Sexual Assault

In news that is virtually no longer surprising, yet another photographer of notice was accused of sexual misconduct by several ladies.

In addition to a working photographer, Thomas Roma has also served as a professor and director of the photography program at Columbia University,  where his accusers are former students. He has given TED talks. As stated by the New York Times, a total of five girls have gone on record to assert that more than a decade past, whilst they were young students, Roma abused his position of power at the university to create sexual advances. The accusations range from sexual harassment to oral rape, with the statements claiming the situation started with a promise of mentorship in Roma.

One of those will be Mozhan Marno. An actress, with roles in the likes of “House of Cards” and “The Blacklist,” Marno provided intimate details of their meeting, in which she asserts the sexual experience between she and Roma was initiated completely by he. She says she wrote to Columbia in January 2000, however the various panel reviewing the situation concluded they were both complicit in the episode.

Roma denies the accusations all and has already hired a Attorney, who stated:

The statements they are making about his claimed misconduct are replete with inaccuracies and falsehoods. All four have obtained isolated, innocent incidents, not one of them predatory, and have generated fictitious versions of fact which are libelous and at the present political climate designed to harm his career and his private life. Professor Roma’s sympathies then and lie with individuals who’ve been mistreated in any manner and he completely fails to understand why these girls have selected to make these complaints two decades following the alleged truth allegedly happened.

Less than 24 hours following the New York Times report, ” Roma has taken voluntary retirement from his positions with immediate effect, at Columbia.

Lead picture credit: Pixabay through Pexels, employed under Creative Commons.

[through The New York Times]