March’s Android Security Update Goes Live With Factory Images for Nexus, Pixel

nexus 6p factory image

Bing simply published the Android protection update for the documents and also March 2017 happen to be live to get a quantity of products. We were anticipating this simply due to Verizon’s early reputation of the update, but additionally since it’s the very first Friday of the month.

To date, we’re viewing 7.1.1 documents for Pixel and Pixel XL (NOF27B, NOF27C), Pixel-C (N4F26T), Nexus 6P (N4F26T, NUF26N), Nexus 5X (N4F26T), Nexus 6 (N6F26U), and Nexus 9 (N4F26T). 

In additional records, the NOF27C for Pixel and Pixel XL is outlined as “Rogers Just, therefore the NOF27B construct ought to be for everybody else ”. Show NUF26N is built by the Nexus 6P as “Verizon Only may be the apply for relaxation of you. The Nexus 6 can also be viewing develops of MOB31T (6.0.1), NBD92D (7.0.0, AT&T only), and NBD92E (7.0.0).

You are able to get each OTA or picture document in the links below. For directions on the best way to display a manufacturer picture, here-you proceed. For directions on the best way to display an document, here-you proceed.

  • Richter Environment

    Got the OTA already. On Verizon. Why I really like having a telephone this is.

  • DudeAbiding

    1. Declare an item (Pixel, 128 GB) that isn’t readily available for weeks.
    2. E-mails you once the Pixel lastly does become “available” and requires an order for $900+
    3. 8 weeks later for a week, along with no obvious cause prior to the purchase is meant to become shipped, your Google consideration shuts.
    4. Cancels your purchase since your consideration is shut.
    5. Whenever you protest, you’re informed the termination was “for your personal good”, and also to reestablish the consideration you’ll have to deliver a duplicate of one’s driver’s permit and charge card (discuss identitytheft!).
    6. The purchase they terminated is to get a design that’s once more sold-out.

    You’re in an exceedingly small group should you had a great encounter with Bing. Achieve this at your personal risk should you choose to cope with Bing.

  • IV

    I inadvertently exhibited the Rogers only OTA (NOF27C) to my Pixel XL. It won’t let since it claims me deploy NOF27B it’s an older edition. Any ideas or recommendations in the neighborhood?

  • RazorSky

    No protection or balance update for all those people on 7.1.2?

  • jamisles02

    ::looks at my telephone:: Nevertheless appears like my Notice 4 didn’t become a Pixel however. Ought to be within 14 days based on Verizon.

  • Jaime Diaz

    Does the wireless problem is fixed by it ? Where it arbitrarily becomes down ?

    • James Walker

      I really hope and so I simply saved the update so that as quickly when I enter the vehicle after-work I’ll test drive it to ensure it functions in my own vehicle

  • Mickey A Valentine

    • D-Regulation

      Is that on Jan nevertheless?

  • Rich Robinson

    Nevertheless regularly astonished at Verizon using the Pixel. They’ve (somewhat) used themselves in 2017 with quick upgrades and getting back unlimited…

  • David Arthur

    VZ may quit preventing the update should you set the day to Friday.

  • Justin Martin

    This is actually the very first time . Delay is often can’ted by me that lengthy, and display by myself. I struck the look for update switch a few occasions, and the sudden all it begins to obtain. It should be my time that is blessed.

    • auspider

      Same here for me personally (ATT) along with a colleague of quarry (Verizon)…

    • VAVAMk_2

  • Bootleg Zani

    Currently updated 6p and my XL . May be the Nexus Participant not likely to understand this update?

  • Daniel Favela

    currently upgrading. 62.0mb

  • Israel Fabian

    The loudspeaker problem is fixed by may this update . on my nexus 6? I recently needed to obtain to 7.0 due to it.

    • Bryan

      I can’t actually get my aged Nexus 6 to update in the Jan protection area (N6F26Q). It claims it’s current but still never saved the Feb area. Obviously, I’ve managed to move on to my Pixel XL (which got the update nowadays) but my aged Nexus 6 on Wifi appears to not need to update. I might need to display it personally. I’m attempting to sell it, and so I wish to maintain up it to date.

      • DanSan

        Same task, quarry is currently displaying Jan update and will not do an OTA. Time for you to sideload.

    • Brian Snyder

      • Israel Fabian

    • 6stringslinger

      I exhibited the OTA; (N6F26U) on my Nexus 6 with 7.1.1, and also the loudspeaker problem is set.

  • GreQ

    Performing the update on my 5x currently…ota.

  • thenew3

    Obtained MOB31T on two nexus 6 on Tmobile 2-3 weeks before. It had been the 2017 protection update, not March. However awaiting nougat OTA about the tmobile nexus 6.

    • nivek31

      I’m nevertheless on Oct Protection update and just on 7.0 for my tmobile N6. Therefore frustrating!

      • thenew3

        You’re currently on 7.0? Did you receive did you personally do the installation or that OTA? I’m however on 6.0.1 but Feb protection upgrades.

        • nivek31

          I was to obtain the I can’t since it claims my telephone isn’t any longer a legitimate telephone for that Beta system get 7.1.1.

          • Lol you may effortlessly display it-yourself in under three minutes to become about the newest and both have NEXUS’.

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