Images of National Geographic Traveller photography competition revealed

Sexy images of National Geographic Traveller photography competition revealed – plus they Are absolutely Unbelievable

The champions of the 2018 National Geographic Traveller photography contest have been shown and there are some spectacular shots

This year’s champions of the National Geographic Traveller photography contest have severely upped the stakes with their breathtaking pictures!

There were six categories – action, character, people, urban, portfolio and movie – but that the Grand Prize went to Renato Granieri, for his image of king penguins in South Georgia. He also won a six-night wildlife photography adventure in the Carpathian Mountains, courtesy of Tatra Photography.

Take a look at the incredible winning images for each category, along with the runner-ups also…

The winning shots were exhibited at an exhibition dedicated to the contest finalists at wallace area in Covent Garden, London, and have been published in a coffee table-style picture publication.

  1. King penguins in South Georgia by Renato Granieri (Grand Prize winner)

    Chris Hudson, art director of National Geographic Traveller (UK), said of the grand prize winner’s image: “This entrance stood out of the first time we saw it due to the stark white background, which emphasises the extreme the surroundings in which these penguins live. There is, however, a part of tenderness in the image, which contrasts for this, and at the composition Renato has managed to capture a touching moment with outstanding technological and technical skill.”

  2. Dog at cafe window at Lower Manhattan, New York by John White (Urban winner)

  3. Hunter along with his golden eagle in western Mongolia by Simon Morris (Individuals champion)

  4. Dog sledding at Svalbard, Norway by Stuart Dunn (Action winner)

  5. The girl in the Tram, by James Abell (Individuals)

  6. Photograph by Trevor Craske (Individuals)

  7. Photograph by Michael Scott (Urban)

  8. Photograph by Francis Cox (Urban)

  9. Deep in Conversation, by Paul Wynn (Nature)

  10. Photograph by Jasmine Van Hoeylandt (Nature)

  11. Photograph by Anais Voiski (Action)

  12. Photograph by Jonny Williams (Action)

  13. Township by Chris Kirby (Portfolio)

  14. Township by Chris Kirby (Portfolio)

  15. Township by Chris Kirby (Portfolio)

  16. Township by Chris Kirby (Portfolio)

  17. Components 1 – Earth, Marqueyssac by Daniel Burton (Portfolio)

  18. Components 2 – Wind, Sand Snake by Daniel Burton (Portfolio)

  19. Components 3 – Fire, Hades by Daniel Burton (Portfolio)

  20. Components 4 – Water, Claws by Daniel Burton (Portfolio)

  21. Chandrashila Summit by Elizabeth Bennett (Portfolio)

  22. Ascent by Elizabeth Bennett (Portfolio)

  23. Mountain Flight by Elizabeth Bennett (Portfolio)

  24. Shrine at the Peak of the World by Elizabeth Bennett (Portfolio)