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If you own a home and plan on living there for a long time, you might want a place to store some of your possessions securely. A small- to medium-sized safe is a great place to put sensitive-but-critical documents, your passport, emergency cash, and even small family heirlooms. In this article, you will read awesome ways to safe jewelry and other important documents.

Many choose to go for a wall safe that they might hide behind a print, picture, or painting, but why might you choose a floor safe instead? Your first thought might be that it would be harder to access, as you’d have to bend over or get down on a knee or two. That inconvenience is true, so it might not be practical for a safe you intend on accessing rather often.

simplysafes.co.uk gives useful info, if you want the contents of your safe to be highly protected, then a floor safe is a great way to go, and for two reasons.

First of all, a floor safe can be hidden far more thoroughly than a wall safe. Criminals and perpetrators that violate your property might know what rooms and walls to check for a wall safe, and they might also be able to crack them quickly. A floor safe, on the other hand, might be hidden by a rug, a carpet, or even a piece of furniture. Who is going to look for a floor safe under a cat’s litter box?

Secondly, a floor safe can keep your valuables protected in more dire circumstances than a wall safe might accomplish. If your home happened to fall victim to a fire, storm, or another disaster that took down the structure, a floor safe is more likely to withstand the destruction, as it would be close to the ground if installed on the first floor.