Flight Delay Claims – Check Eligibility Criteria

it has already been a very stressful day trying to pack and then get to the airport. On top of that, you need to coordinate your ride to the airport and your pickup at the destination. If you have a connecting flight you’re thinking about what you have to do at the next airport in order to make the flight on time. All of this stops when you arrive at the airport to see that your flight has been delayed.

Now all delays aren’t the same because some of them are just a few minutes, while others can last for hours even full days. Many times a delay occurs due to poor weather conditions which the airlines have no control over. But sometimes things happen on flights that cause unforeseen delays that can mess up an airlines entire flight schedule.

As a passenger, you have no idea what is happening unless the airline makes an announcement. If it is a long delay it can be very frustrating for both passengers and the airline. In that case, it is a good time to go up to the ticket counter and ask if any other accommodations can be made. If there is a very long delay there is a good chance the airline may offer compensation or give you a voucher for an upgrade.

Airlines do not like having to deal with delays and if you are civil and speak to them respectfully there is a good chance they will offer some type of compensation. If they don’t offer anything, try out to contact the airline corporate office and explain the situation to them. More often than not they are understanding and will offer some type of flight delay claim.

Remember to speak up if you think you deserve a claim for compensation in the event of a flight delay. The only way you can get compensation is by taking it into your hands and speaking with someone in charge.