10 Professional Photography Tips Guaranteed To Make Your Photos Amazing!

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You love photography, right? You snap lots of life’s memories to cherish, enjoy and share with friends and family but how do you ensure you’re capturing the ‘type’ of photos you want? Thankfully, photography is subjective and very personal – one type of shot will work for certain situations (or people) but not in others, which is great… but also tricky!

Recently, we had a good old natter with our close friend, Robert Gershinson – who is one of those amazing professional photographers that has managed to make his hobby a career! Robert took a moment out of his busy shooting schedule to help put together a guide to understanding the best ways we can all improve our photography skills and muster up that pro-photo beast that’s within each and every one of us!

Who is Robert Gershinson?

Robert is a London-based photographer and video director who has photographed a who’s-who of musicians: Alice Cooper, Spandau Ballet, Florence + The Machine, Everything Everything, Foxes, The Treatment, Culture Club, Royal Blood, Vintage Trouble, Haitus Kaiyote and oh so many more.

He also blog and podcasts under the banner SHOOT FIRST TALK LATER. Each guests sits for a portrait session, photographed by Robert. When not pointing his camera at people, he can usually be found at the cinema or burying his face in a variety of comics.

Take a look at some of his top suggestions below.

Things to consider before we start

The camera is merely a box that you let light into. The light travels down the lens, passes a shutter (more on that below) and hits a digital sensor that records an image.

Aperture (Av): The is the size of a hole (usually at the back of the lens), that allows light into the lens to hit the sensor. We measure the Aperture in f-stops. Take a look at this info-graph.

The smaller the f-number, the wider the hole – (yes it seems a little backwards) – so obviously, the wider the hole, the more light entering the lens. This is why your camera will call Aperture ‘Av’– aperture value.

Aperture also controls the Depth Of Field (DOF)

DOF is essentially how much of the image is in focus. The wider the aperture (smaller f-stop number), the less of a DOF you have. So in the info-graph above, an f-stop of 1.4 means the background will be super blurry. And vice versa for a narrower (i.e. larger f-stop number) aperture.

Shutter Speed (Tv): So aperture controls how much light enters the lens, shutter speed controls how fast that light enters – this is why shutter speed is often known as ‘Time Value’, hence ‘Tv’ printed on your camera dial.

Watch this 20 second video:

This is what’s happening, when the shutter button is pressed, the camera’s mirror lifts up and we can see the first shutter sitting over the lens, that shutter moves, exposing the sensor to however much light is coming into the lens (set by Av), very quickly the second shutter moves across the sensor, stopping any light hitting it.

If we break it down, the action is this:

– Shutter button pressed
– Mirror up
– First shutter moves allowing light to hit the sensor. Pause
– Second shutter chases the first, covering the sensor, blocking light.

When we set the ‘shutter speed’ it is the pause we are controlling.

As you can see from the info-graph, shutter speed (or to be more specific, the pause) can be either super quick (1, one thousandth of a second) or really rather slow (half a second). My camera can actually allow me to make the shutter speed even slower and even faster.

To freeze super quick action, like someone running, without any blur, use a super quick shutter speed like 1/250 or 1/500. To capture something moving fast with blur, for example, a car going fast, use a slower shutter speed like 1/100 or 1/50. When using a slow shutter speed, you’ll want to mount your camera on a tripod.

A side effect is this. Using a fast shutter speed means less light is being allowed to hit the sensor, so you’ll want to compensate this by setting the aperture wider (smaller f-stop number). And when using a slow shutter speed (i.e, the sensor is exposed to light for longer), use a narrower shutter speed (larger f-stop number).

Understanding Av and Tv are the basics of photography. Play about, experiment to find your own style and remember, there are no right or wrong answers.

Follow these steps below to capture much more emotive and dramatic photography for yourself:

1.) Freeze using Shutter Speed

I took this image of The Water Tower, in Cardiff. In order to freeze the flow of the water that constantly streams down the tower, I used a shutter speed of 1/320. (How did I reach that number? I experimented with a few different speeds until I was happy with the results).

Because Tv controls how fast the light enters the camera, a fast shutter speed lets in less light than a slow shutter speed. To compensate, I opened the aperture to f3.5 to increase the amount of light (so the image did not appear too dark) but without compromising the ‘freezing’ nature of the Tv.

Drop the blacks to purposefully lose detail – makes for a more dramatic image.

I captured this image under a walkway at Cardiff Bay. Look at the wooden poles, there is a lack of detail – you cannot see the wood grain, just areas of solid featureless black. I do this often in my live concert images as it add a certain level of drama. It totally works in travel photography too.

I used Adobe Lightroom (LR) to increase the amount of black and shadows in the image (see below).

On the ‘BLACKS’ and ‘SHADOWS’ options, I slid the arrow towards the lowest points and played around with the levels until I was happy with the image.

Find a great spot, frame up and …. wait for someone to walk by. Typically a shutter speed of 1/200 or 1/250 should be fine to stop people walking fast becoming a blur (unless you want that blur?)

Don’t be afraid to use the crop tool to get rid of anything in the frame you don’t like and/or to make the image neater and more powerful. (‘Before image’ above &‘after image’ below)

For certain shots I have a style that I call, ‘Flat / Depth’.

If we look at my photo of Roue de Paris below in a two-dimensional sense it looks rather flat. I’ll explain: The image has been framed so everything sits on various horizontal strips.

Along the bottom of the frame are the chairs and a few people dotted about. Above that is the pond, then some more people and trees and then the wheel and sky.In reality you are actually looking at an area about 50m deep, but my framing makes the area seem reasonably flat. I often create images like this as I find it pretty pleasing. To do this yourself, look out for patterns  in the photos and perhaps even get down on your knees (or lower) to create that perspective.

All cities have a rich history with many stories to find. Understanding those stories and adding your own spin is a great way to create images. I shot this image at Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial. I spun around and noticed a woman looking like she had just stepped out of war-time Europe; black coat, head scarf – really timeless, a ghost from the past. I quickly raised my camera, filled the frame with those concrete slabs, and pressed the shutter. I managed one single frame before she was gone.

The image was quite eerie and speaks a lot about who the memorial is dedicated to.

7.) Use the Big Light in the Sky

Nine times out of ten, your travel photos will be taken using available light (i.e. you wont be adding any flash) so use The Sun to your advantage. You don’t always have to put your back to it, turn towards it a little and get some cool lens flare. Real lens flare is infinitely better looking than the fake stuff added in post.

Is a photo the truth? Not really no – only a version of the truth. So with that in mind, get extreme. This statue base already had some graffiti sprayed on it so I went full comic book punk by using the Split Toning feature in Adobe Lightroom (See below).

The split toning feature allows you to add colour/tone individually to the highlight and shadows. For this image I chose a pinky/red colour for the highlights and a blue-ish colour for the shadows.

9.) Achieve depth by shooting through things

Add depth to your frame by shooting through things. You’re showing a narrative and/or an environment with one single image, so do so by having multiple things in your shot but find a creative way to do it. This image is super symmetrical – I levelled it by eye on the day. I used Split Toning to add some teal to the shadows and some light orange/slight tan to the highlights. I also dropped the blacks giving the image a very subtle cinematic look.

10.) Shallow Depth Of Field

Use a wide aperture to create a shallow DOF to highlight something in the frame.

The image above is f3.5 1/125. It was a particularly dull, over cast day in Barcelona when I visited so there wasn’t a super great amount of light to worry about flooding into my camera which could cause over exposure. But if it had been a bright summers day, I definitely would have had to increase the speed of the shutter to above 1/250.

Using Split Toning, I added teal to the shadows and a very subtle orange to the highlights. I also dropped the blacks

Top tip

There are no right or wrong answers. Experiment. Play around. Have fun and find your own style. You don’t need lots of fancy equipment. Remember: every cool and iconic image taken in the past was created using equipment that is less technically superior than the camera you hold in your hands. It’s imagination and individuality that counts, so have the confidence to create your own images in the way you want to.

Check out my podcast SHOOT FIRST TALK LATER here: and be sure to keep in touch with me via Twitter and Instagram – @ShootTalkPhotos. 😉 I’d really love to hear what you think and check out your images too! 🙂


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  • I love your photo tips, the picture of the pyramid is gorgeous!

    • We’re so glad you like Robert’s pictures, Angie! He’s an awesome photographer, right!

    • So glad you like them Kate! xx

  • Thanks for the post! I really like the picture where you dropped the blacks!

    • It’s a really cool technique, right! We loved it too Yasmin.

    • Thanks Shelby – really glad you like Robert’s tips.

  • This was awesome, thank you!! And I’ve been looking for podcasts so I’ll check this one out. 🙂

    • Yay! You might find a particular podcast we did with Robert too! 😉

    • Glad you found Robert’s tricks useful! They’re some great ways to capture the perfect shot.

    • So glad you found it helpful. Robert has shared some really great tips. We loved it too! 🙂

  • This was probably one of the best and most helpful explanations that I’ve come across. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Will be saving this!x

    • So glad that you found Robert’s tips helpful! He’s such a great photographer so it’s been great to grab so inspiration from him.

  • I’m not a professional photographer myself and always doubt whether the photos I take to include in my blog would be attractive for the readers who visit my blog. However after reading this post, I realized that I shouldn’t doubt my abilities anymore. Thanks a lot for the tips and the encouragement you build up within the readers who are interested in this field.. great work…🙂

    • So happy that you found it useful. Don’t doubt your abilities, you have some amazing photos – especially your Sri Lanka pics. We visited this year and we LOVED it! 🙂

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Youngstown news, Vindicator Photographers share most memorable photos of 2017

ROBERT K. YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..80 % Eclipse… in Canfield Metroparks Farm. . Had a massive crowd hoping to catch a glimpse using boxes paper dishes and telescopes as well as the’safe eyeglasses’.Shirley Matyi of Austintown. . Had her umbrella and glasses as she see the eclipse

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ROBERT K. YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..171st Canfield Fair is also underway. . Jewelina Reeveley (okay ) 10 of Poland shows her minature pony from the championship course in the 4-h ring

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William D. Lewis The Vindicator USAF reserve Lt. John Kirin of Cortland gets a kiss from his pet Roxie after returning from installation with members of US Air Force reserve unit in YARS Jan. 18, 2017.

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ROBERT K. YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..AKC 2017 Steel Valley Cluster: Dog series competition and diving competition. . .sisters. . Three irish setters… Sedona Paige Annie – all of irish setters owned by Skip Debbie Lawrence

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ROBERT K. YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..Mercy Health ran an active shooter exercise in the Belmont Ave Emergency room. A disgruntled husband brings into a gun and randomly shoots’victims’ while still searching for his spouse. . .Tact unit comes in search… of the shooter…-30-

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William D. Lewis the vindicator Tito Brown and his wife Lynette Brown respond to news he won mayoral chief. They in a party at Jewish Community Center.

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ROBERT K YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..Ironworkers build an outdoor stairwell with a Great reflection of effort within the walls as work continues on the Stambaugh Builiding being converted into a Double Tree by Hilton owned by NYO property group..-30-

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William D Lewis The Vindicator Niles PD officer Chris Manella pauses in front of a photograph of slain Girard PD officer Justin Leo during a prayer vigil in St. climbed Church in Girard 10-24-17.

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ROBERT K. YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..171st Canfield Fair is also underway. . As Eliyana SHank 11 of Berlin Center – with Mahoning Valley Horseman 4-H because she clinics for the GROUND ROPING course

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ROBERT K. YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..AHH those lazy hazy days of AUTUMN ??? Using temps nearing 90’s folks are still appreciating Craig Beach in Lake Milton State Park….and Izabella (OK) Tucker 4 took barbie and ken in for a dip… she’s out of Damascus…..-30-

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ROBERT K. YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR. . Service dogs Canine Campus. Hubbard, OH 44452. .Ludt is working on a story about service animals in public spaces. The initial subject of the story is exiting the state, rather than in the photos..this is Loaded Curtician of Greenville – and Mitch 2 1/2 as he works with Mitch on instruction

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ROBERT K.YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..The National African American Male Wellness Walk in downtown Youngstown in the Covelli Centre as neighborhood came together for a run/walk 5k…. Too lots of tables for neighborhood outreach and health checks..Rev Lewis macklin thrilled over the run walk plus occasion.

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David and Pat Leo stand with candles during a vigil for their son, Girard Police Officer Justin Leo, Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017, at Arrowhead Stadium in Girard. Officer Leo was killed while responding to a potential suicide around 10:00 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017, on the 400 block of Indiana Ave in Girard. Officer Leo was hauled to St. ElizabethÕs Youngstown for operation where he later died. . . (Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator)

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ROBERT K. YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..the newly-restored copper statues were returned into the roof of their courthouse..The statues, removed in October 2010, were returned to their perch above the courthouse’s primary entrance where they had sat since 1909. . .The three hollow figurines, which have been revived by an Oberlin firm, are termed ÒJustice,Ó on the left, ÒStrength and AuthorityÓ in the center; and ÒLawÓ to the best.

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ROBERT K. YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..hed: Thu, June 29, 2017 @ 1:20 p.m.. .NORTH JACKSON Ñ One man died in a five-vehicle crash on Interstate 76 westbound in a construction zone close to the st rt 45 overpass. . .The injury also left four different people hurt, three of them severely, the Ohio State Highway Patrol says…

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William D. Lewis The Vindicator Well wishers wave flags since reservists aboard C-130’s return from deployment at YARS Jan. 18, 2017.

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Police and EMS tend into the entire body of Michael Brooks, 52, afterwards he was fatally shot at his stepdaughter’s North Side apartment close to the corner of Dupont St. and Robinwood Ave, Monday, April 10, 2017 in Youngstown. Authorities were responding to a national struggle, when dispatchers alerted police officials of a gunshot and a sufferer suffering from a head trauma. Jermaine Tubbs was arrested and indicted for murder using a firearm specification and illegal possession of a firearm…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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Collen Davis(black) receives a left hook in Jessica Palmieri(reddish ), Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017, in the Covelli Centre in Youngstown. Palmieri won after three rounds by factors…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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Firefighters using the Youngstown Fire Department function to restrain a vacant house fire from spreading to a nearby house, Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017, on the 100 block of S Garland Ave in Youngstown…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator)

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Trumbull County participant Ryan Lee(18)(JFK) enjoys a taco throughout the 6th inning in the 2017 High School Valley All Star Classic, Friday, June 9, 2017 in Eastwood Field. Coach Don Lee purchased the group tacos in celebration following their very first 8 runs. Trumbull County won 8-6. . . (Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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Youngstown Phantoms forward Matthew Barry (26) scores a goal from Muskegon Lumberjacks goalie Adam Brizgala (1) during the next period of a USHL hockey game, Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017, in the Covelli Centre in Youngstown. Phantoms won 7-3…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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Bishop Joseph Garlington of Pittsburgh speaks throughout the Meet Me in the Cross event in The Covelli Centre, Friday, April 14, 2017 in Youngstown. . . (Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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Bartender Patrick Casseday watches clients enjoys the final drinks at Golden Dawn Restaurant, Saturday, April 29, 2017 in Youngstown. Golden Dawn closed after 83 years in the Valley following its potential has been debated between the 2 co-owners/brothers following their fathers death last spring…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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ROBERT K YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..Januhel Nieves-Vega- 4. . Helps his mom get a pepper in the farmers market. . A $35,000 grant in the Swanston Foundation assisted Alta Head Start at families to receive fresh produce out of a semi-annual farmersÕ market…-30-

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Youngstown State University tail rear Tevin McCaster (37) puts his palms together after scoring a touchdown because he is congratulated by Youngstown State University wide receiver Damoun Patterson (4) from the first quarter since Youngstown State takes on Central Connecticut State, Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017, in Stambaugh Stadium in Youngstown. Youngstown State won 59-9…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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ROBERT K. YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR. . A two vehicle wreck at Hillman and Myrtle needed a vehicle on both side. . As neighbors assisted people from their truck. . The wreck included a pickup truck and a car only after noon today (thursday)

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William D. Lewis The Vindicator Firefighters from many Columbiana County branches respond to a fire in the prior Salem China facilty on S. Broadway in Salem Tuesday Nov 28, 2017. Smoke out of hte fire could be understood from Austintown.

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William D Lewis The Vindicator Tito Brown is all smiles as he hugs his son Quentin, 7, throughout victory party at MVR 11-7-2-17.

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Police respond to a body on the south side to the 1700 block of Poland Ave, Wednesday, August 2, 2017 in Youngstown. Upon arrival, authorities administrated three rounds of Narcan before the man was restored prior to Medical personnel arrived on scene. The guy was transported to a nearby hospital and will probably likely be charged with OVI Drugs…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator)

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Champion Golden Flashes pitcher Andrew Russel (28) and Champion Golden Flashes first baseman AJ Meyer (25) celebrate the next from the sixth inning since Champion takes on Berlin Hiland from the DIII baseball championship, Saturday, June 3, 2017 in Huntington Park in Columbus. Champion won 1-0…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator)

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Family members grieve during former state Sen. Harry Meshel’s funeral, Sept. 9, 2017, in Belmont Park Cemetery in Youngstown…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator)

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Carson Markley and Tiffany Voland smile after being crowned 2017 4-H King and Queen in the Youth Day Ceremony in the 171st Canfield Fair, Thursday, August 31, 2017, in the Canfield Fairgrounds in Canfield…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator)

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Canfield runner Bridgett Kelly(00) is known from the home plate umpire after being tagged out by Poland catcher Emily Denney(10) during the 6th inning since Canfield takes on Poland from the 12u Little League district title, Monday, July 3, 2017 in Fields of Dreams in Boardman. Poland won 7-6…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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Crestview’s MacKencie Daub (15) spikes the ball over the Web during the first group as Crestview High School takes on South Range High School through the 2017 DIII District Volleyball Tournament, Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017, in Salem High School in Salem. Crestwood won the series, 3-0…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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Gianna Gentile corrects her heels before the Struthers High School Graduation, Sunday, May 28, 2017 in Struthers…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator)

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Lake Catholic ahead Keka Babic (9) is congratulated by her teammates after scoring a goal during the first half as Lake Catholic High School takes on Canfield High School in the Division II Regional Final, Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017, in Gilcrest Field in Portage Community Bank Stadium in Ravenna, Ohio. Lake won 2-0…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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Seth Stokes of Lisbon watches because his feet drag the bar causing him to put second because he competes in the DIII boys jump closing throughout the 2017 OHSAA Boys and Girls State Track and Field Tournaments, Friday, June 2, 2017 in the Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium in Columbus…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator)

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ROBERT K YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..Vincent DePizzo of St Rose flips a souffle….Steady since it belongs. . Ursuline High School will hosted 8th Grade Day on Tuesday, All 8th grade students were invited to learn about Ursuline High SchoolÕs academic, extra-curricular and religious offerings…-30-

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Youngstown State ahead Tyree Robinson (0) dunks the ball as Youngstown State guard Braun Hartfield (1) cheers him on during the first half of a NCAA College Basketball game, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, in Beeghly Center in Youngstown. Youngstown State won 134-46…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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Abigail Gay(14) feeds her lambs in the 171st Canfield Fair, Thursday, August 31, 2017, in the Canfield Fairgrounds in Canfield. Abigail is donating one of the lambs into the Junior Fair New Building Campaign…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator)

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Muskegon Lumberjacks forward Monte Graham (11) and Muskegon Lumberjacks goalie Adam Brizgala (1) collide to let Youngstown Phantoms center Curtis Hall (20)’s goal during the second phase since the Muskegon Lumberjacks take on the Youngstown Phantoms, Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017, in the Covelli Centre in Youngstown…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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William D. Lewis The Vindicator YPD Ptlm Steven Gibson in Homestead playground where he befriended some local children and turned into a celebrity on facebook. He is shown here in his cruiser together using Colde Adams, 8.

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Anthony Backus(3) of Girard goes up for a layup during the 2nd quarter since Girard happens on Ursuline, Thursday, March 9, 2017 in Boardman High School. Ursuline won 62-53…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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ROBERT K. YOSAY | THE VINDICATOR..the newly-restored copper statues were returned into the roof of their courthouse..The statues, removed in October 2010, were returned to their perch above the courthouse’s primary entrance where they had sat since 1909. . .The three hollow figurines, which have been revived by an Oberlin firm, are termed ÒJustice,Ó on the left, ÒStrength and AuthorityÓ in the center; and ÒLawÓ to the best.

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/c23/ scores a goal past Boardman goalie Jeffrey Holmes (5) through the second half as Boardman High School takes on Canfield High School, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017, in Canfield High School in Canfield. Boardman’s Sean Buck (27) shows his frustration in the background…(Nikos Frazier | The Vindicator). .

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