Get Best View In Hong Kong Rooftop Bars

Foot traffic in Hong Kong can test the patience of even the most seasoned of traveler and at some points, the city can resemble an overturned anthill. This is a city where everybody is hustling, everyone is trying to make that next buck and capitalism and entrepreneurship are definitely on steroids.

Sometimes when the weekend comes around or that weekday has simply been to filled with frenetic street-level activity it may be time to escape ground level and head for the sky in order to relax at one of the fantastic rooftop bars that can be found in Hong Kong.

So which of the many rooftop bars are an absolute must for those who want exceptional service, great cocktails and some of the most magnificent views of the entire region?

Firstly, a trip to the secret oasis of Vibes is an antidote for Hong Kong’s high energy pulse. Set up for the Mira hotel, go up to the fifth floor and find a place where the beautiful people of Hong Kong go to relax. This is a place to go if you want your cocktails fresh and inventive.

Escape the concrete jungle by paying a visit to hotel Ovolo Southside. Here you will find ‘Above’. Views over a lush green landscape will have you wondering if the concrete mayhem of Hong Kong is all just a dream.

If you want to simply stay at a single venue during a night then head for ‘ON’ in Central. recommend that A great Alfresco bar and two stories with a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine combined with exceptional views of the city and some of the best cocktails on offer in Hong Kong. The champagne and wine list are well worth browsing and taking an extra bit of time to find that perfect tipple.

Get up high and see Hong Kong in a whole new light from one of the exceptional rooftop bars in the city.