Family photographs with BRC Photography

We have not had family photos since 2012 once we lived in Utah.  Shocking, I know!  With traveling and grad faculty, family photos have not been a priority fiscally.  I fulfilled Benita from BRC Photography for the first time when she took a photo shoot to my candle shop I ran for a few months.

I was really nervous because we had never had a conversation, but she had been honestly so amusing and we had a whole lot of fun!  My husband and me are on the side as a few and I knew we’d both be more comfortable if we knew the individual carrying our family photographs.  We just received our photos back in Benita and her photos are GORGEOUS!  I definitely recommend Benita from BRC Photography () to the fine art photography from Atlanta!

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With photos in the past, I have stressed out and invested a lot of time in my hair and makeup.  I think upcoming 30 has left me much more laid back.  I only wore my hair and makeup the way I always wear it and I am so much more happy that I did.  For clothing, however, I enlisted my instagram buddies to help me figure out what outfit to wear.  Individuals gave such excellent comments and it truly let me pick something out that I adored, but could also picture well .Devin was a terrific sport about buying and that is now my favourite work shirt !  

I am so impressed with all our adventures using BRC Photography!  I am really happy that we’ve got such amazing photo photos and I am committing that we’re doing family photos each year from today.  Hold me to that promise, ok!?

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Obama’s Main White House photographer shares photos, memories at OU

ATHENS — The guy who just completed eight years   documenting former President Barack Obama attempted challenging Tuesday not to remark on the present resident of the White House. And he almost succeeded. Almost. Pete Souza, ” the primary official White House photographer for Obama, spoke to an overflow crowd of a few hundred at Ohio University’s Baker University Center theatre.   The Prior OU assistant professor of visual communication (2007-2009) gave his first public presentation since

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Striking Photographs by legendary war photographer Chris Hondros

Chris Hondros, a respected war photographer who covered conflicts across the planet, was murdered at age 41 with a mortar shell in Misrata while hammering the revolution from Libya on April 20, 2011. Hondros’ entire body of work – like the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Arab Spring in Egypt – focused on people directly impacted by the violence and upheavel that surrounded them. A brand new documentary, ‘HONDROS,’ made by childhood friend and writer Greg Campbell, investigates the photographers touching and iconic images, in addition to the man behind the lens.

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Do You Actually Need a Wide-Angle Lens for Landscape Photography?

Photographer Thomas Heaton States No

British pro Thomas Heaton’s latest video has a provocative title: “Throw Away Your Wide-Angle Lens.” Does he mean? Not really, however does have some point when shooting outdoors.

“Ok, and therefore don’t actually discard your front-facing lens,” Heaton says. “This video has been made to show that not all landscape pictures need to get photographed with a wide-angle lens. Actually, long lenses would be equally effective and have many advantages.”

Heaton says he’s hoping to clear up any misconceptions by novice photographers who might think they need to load their camera bags up having glass that is wide-angle to take landscapes. Heaton admits that he was the exact same way long ago, saying his initial hand-held lens was the Sigma 10-20mm. But his strategy differs today.

“If you truly wish to explore the landscape and get more out of your photography and begin to pick out various pictures and compositions within the bigger landscape, then you will need to be reaching a long lens,” Heaton says.

His argument is that if you’re capturing a scenic vista with, as an example, a 16-35mm lens, then you’re likely to get “pretty much 1 picture” out of it, namely a nice wide-angle picture shot.

“The trick with landscape pictures is to really look at the landscape and ask yourself this question: Why am I photographing this? What exactly is it that you like? Is it this mountain in the far distance there? Is it the clouds that are gorgeous? Can it be the light hitting on down the trees in the valley? And what you see is that in the event you ask yourself this question and break out a long lens, then you flip that broad vista from a single large picture into two, three five unique pictures”

Heaton likens it to “being like a sniper and targeting various areas of the landscape.”

Therefore, what is Heaton lens of choice for landscapes? You’ll need to watch the video. Heaton does provide reasons and image examples to describe his selection although you could be surprised.