A Photographer Takes Images Of Felines “High” on Catnip, and It’ll Be Your New Fave Point

After professional photographer Andrew Marttila discovered his old roommate’s pet cat had a small (read: major) fascination with catnip, he pulled out his camera to attempt to catch the cat’s crazy responses. Over 100 “high” felines later on (that type of look comparable to young children with sugar rushes), Marttila, that runs the iamthecatphotographer Instagram account, took sufficient photos to put together into a book that is going to look amazing on every cat-lover’s coffee table. After coming across Marttila on Instagram and also quickly laughing hysterically in all of the charming pet cat pictures on his web page, I needed to recognize even more – and also as it turns out, he’s equally as amusing as his images.

” My old roommate’s pet cat absolutely enjoyed the stuff,” he informed POPSUGAR. “We’re speaking 12-step program obsession. Whenever I would certainly give him catnip, I seemed like my following relocation was to call the exorcist. He made the craziest faces as well as physical contortions, which luckily I had the ability to catch with my electronic camera. It turned into one of my preferred points to photograph and also most absolutely one of the most remarkable to my audience. I figured it would interest see how various other cats responded to catnip as well as to develop a collection revolving around it.”

” Whenever I would certainly give him catnip, I seemed like my next action was to call the exorcist.”

As somebody that obtains stress and anxiety over the way my pet cats flip out over catnip had inside toys, I admire Marttila’s fearlessness in providing his topics with significant piles of right stuff. As a matter of fact, he claims having the ability to do that was his favored part of the whole task.

” I think, overall, one of the most enjoyable part about this was the cats’ reactions to seeing a substantial pile of catnip,” he claimed. “A lot of cat proprietors do not understand exactly how to dispense right stuff. Cats don’t want a pinch! They want to cover their entire bodies in it. I took a number of hilarious pictures with pet cats totally covered in catnip like a fit of euphoric armor.”

Scroll via to obtain a sneak peek of several of the hysterical photos included in Marttila’s book, ($ 16), as well as obtain a copy currently!

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