Terrifying Images Emerge From Within Once-Peaceful-Now-A-Security-Threat Nation Of Canada – The Out And Abouter

WARNING: The following article contains images of people generally enjoying life and not bothering anyone. They cannot be unseen.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s declaration that Canada represents a security threat, and then using that declassified intelligence as justification to tariff the northern nation back to a safe status, images are beginning to emerge from the peace-torn population. They paint a horrifying picture of a depravedly-genial country in which many people live their entire lives without holding a loaded gun, or threatening to use such, and where speaking out against the nation’s overbearing rulers can get you a witheringly polite defense of your right to debate in a townhall meeting. Yes. It is stomach turning. Again, the images below are not for the dark of heart.

Warring Canadian factions, seen here performing the dreaded seat-dance shortly before sharing some form of a snack. Note that even their respective tribes (the Leafs and the Senators) are tied, in what international observers believe to have been a gruesome attempt to allow each other to both get a point.

Photo credit: Greening Homes, http://www.greeninghomes.com

Unpaid workers (they call them VOLUNTEERS) working to rebuild a children’s park in Toronto after the original structure burnt down. One wonders why they bother, knowing it will probably only last thirty years and echo with the shouts of hundreds of thousands of children living generally comfortable lives. It’s unlikely any of these men are still standing. As it’s Friday night and the patios are open.

Photo credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods

The Prime Minister, wearing plaid. In front of children. What sort of people allow this?


The country nearly split in two in 1995, but after people got in buses and drove for thousands of kilometers (which are a dangerous type of miles) and told the people that wanted to leave that it would be so nice if they didn’t, those people voted in an orderly fashion to stay. Like some sort of experiment in democracy gone horribly, horribly right.

Photo credit: CBC

They all pretend to like the same shitty coffee, because it would be rude not to.
(Though its popularity has gone down recently. No, not because it sucks, they don’t mind that. Because the company that makes the coffee isn’t paying their employees enough. Researchers are still sifting through the socialist wreckage in an attempt to understand why they care.)

Canadians also live in abject squalor.


And there you have it. Horrible, dystopian, dehumanizing, Canada. How long will the world stand aside as this country spirals further and further away from winning a Stanley Cup? When will the United Nations intercede, and draw an end to the madness of people receiving health care without losing their homes, and marrying whomever they feel like? Only time will tell. For now we can only hope that Trump will be able to successfully tax the Canadians back into some form of civility. But, as their own iconic musician; the late, great, Gord Downie, once sang:

“Twelve men broke loose in seventy three
From Millhaven Maximum Security
Twelve pictures lined up across the front page
Seems the Mounties had a summertime war to wage.”

Whatever that means. Canadians can be really cryptic.

Mama duck with 76 ducklings on Minnesota lake captured in stunning photos

A female duck was spotted leading 76 ducklings on Lake Bemidji in Minnesota.  (AP Photo/Brent Cizek )

A female duck at a Minnesota lake may have just won the “mom of the year” award.

Amateur photographer Brent Cizek snapped stunning images showing a female duck leading 76 ducklings on Lake Bemidji, about 150 miles northwest of Duluth.

“[I] couldn’t have asked for a better photo opportunity,” Cizek told CBC Radio’s As It Happens. “The photo just makes you question, you know, how is this possible? How did it happen? How is the mom taking care of so many ducks?”

Cizek said he first spotted the massive brood on June 27 while he was out on the lake. He counted at least 56 ducklings that day, and decided to return a few weeks later to see if he could spot them again.


When he saw the mother duck, a common merganser, and her ducklings last week, there were about two dozen more following her.

A post shared by Brent Cizek (@brentcizekphoto) on

“It’s hard not to look at her and say OK, you know this is pretty unbelievable. Multiple people are saying, you know, ‘Mom of the year,’” the photographer said.

Cizek posted the photos on social media, garnering thousands of reactions, shares and comments as of Thursday. He told the National Audubon Society it was difficult to capture the photos. He snapped at least 50 pictures, and each time he hoped they would come out clear.

“I was just praying that one was going to turn out sharp because the waves were so strong it was nearly impossible to even keep them in the frame,” he recalled. “Luckily enough, just one picture turned out.”

Big groups of ducklings following one female duck isn’t uncommon. A duck can have between 20 and 30 ducklings following her. Ducks also often lay their eggs in other ducks’ nests possibly to increase chances of their ducklings surviving, the National Audubon Society reported.

However, a merganser can usually only incubate up to 20 eggs — making Cizek’s discovery an “extraordinary sighting,” Yale ornithologist Richard O. Prum told the New York Times.

Scientists believe the mother duck picked up several ducklings who were separated from their own mothers, becoming kind of like an “experience babysitter.” She will likely continuing caring for the ducklings until they are big enough to go off on their own.

PHOTOS: Democrats Stuck on Bus After Trump Cancels Foreign Trip

Confused Democrat lawmakers were left sitting idle on a military bus near the Capitol after President Donald Trump postponed their seven-day foreign trip as the partial government shutdown continues.

Photos shared to social media purport to show Democrats on a U.S. Air Force bus traveling to the airport when they received word that their access to a military plane had been blocked:

Fox is told CapHill security officials got an emergency call from the Pentagon canceling the overseas trip due to shutdown. No one here knows if the trip is going to happen or not. Lots of confusion pic.twitter.com/eFCqsaNcGe

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) January 17, 2019

House Members sitting on an Air Force bus b/t the Longworth and Rayburn House Office Buildings waiting to see if they are still going overseas after Trump cancelled the trip. pic.twitter.com/e5IgidRPZu

— Jason Donner (@jason_donner) January 17, 2019

Bus taking lawmakers on codel just left Capitol Hill. Lawmakers on board. Unknown who on board and whether Speaker Pelosi was or not pic.twitter.com/X3P63r2CKW

— Emily Goodin (@Emilylgoodin) January 17, 2019

USAF bus back on Capitol plaza. Mbrs getting off bus & going back into Capitol pic.twitter.com/k9luYw5YyC

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) January 17, 2019

Bus circled around and dropped lawmakers off at Capitol. Rep Adam Schiff came off “I don’t have any comment” pic.twitter.com/WYTWRLH6vl

— Emily Goodin (@Emilylgoodin) January 17, 2019

The bus went around the block and back to the Capitol where members eventually got off. pic.twitter.com/Os3LTTmG8h

— Jason Donner (@jason_donner) January 17, 2019

Bus leaving Capitol grounds. A few people still on board. Unknown who pic.twitter.com/zT4Ng1oZ6J

— Emily Goodin (@Emilylgoodin) January 17, 2019

One video shows House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) exiting the bus in front of the Capitol building:

Members including House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff getting off the bus in front of the Capitol. pic.twitter.com/G6JMtVCg8h

— Jason Donner (@jason_donner) January 17, 2019

Bus for lawmakers on Pelosi’s codel is circling Capitol Hill, awaiting some definitive answers. pic.twitter.com/bpSpPeCZOk

— Leo Shane III (@LeoShane) January 17, 2019

The bus circled the block again…and is back again… pic.twitter.com/0rBlTFKkeo

— Jason Donner (@jason_donner) January 17, 2019

House Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats planned to depart around 3:00 p.m. Eastern Thursday for her overseas trip, according to the White House.

Drew Hamill, the speaker’s chief of staff, issued the following statement in response to the cancelation:

 “The CODEL to Afghanistan included a required stop in Brussels for pilot rest. In Brussels, the delegation was scheduled to meet with top NATO commanders, U.S. military leaders and key allies–to affirm the United States’ ironclad commitment to the NATO alliance. This weekend visit to Afghanistan did not include a stop in Egypt. The purpose of the trip was to express appreciation and thanks to our men and women in uniform for their service and dedication, and to obtain critical national security & intelligence briefings from those on the front lines. The President traveled to Iraq during the Trump Shutdown as did a Republican CODEL led by Rep. Zeldin.”

In a letter to Pelosi on Thursday, President Trump wrote that due to the shutdown, a trip to Egypt, Brussels, and Afghanistan would be delayed, declaring, “In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I’m sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate.”

“I also feel that, during this period, it would be better if you were in Washington negotiating with me and joining the strong border security movement to end the shutdown,” the president continued.

Pelosi is welcome to fly on a commercial aircraft to make the trip, he told the House speaker.

Read the full letter below:

While the shutdown drags on, on Thursday, the State Department instructed all U.S. diplomats in Washington and elsewhere to return to work next week with pay, saying it had found money for their salaries, at least temporarily, despite the ongoing government shutdown.

In a notice to staff posted online and sent to employees, the department said it had found money to pay most of its employees, beginning Sunday or Monday, for their next pay period. They will not be paid for time worked since the shutdown began in December until the situation is resolved, said the notice, which was signed by Deputy Under Secretary for Management William Todd.

President Trump declined to address the stalemate over the speech Thursday during a visit to the Pentagon, simply promising that the nation will have “powerful, strong border security,” including $5.7 billion in funding to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

Photographer Captures One In A Million Photo, Doesn’t Realize It Until He Gets Home

Sometimes in nature things happen that seem too good to be true, perfect coincidences that vividly illustrate the beauty and wonder of the world around us.

One such episode occurred over the Costa Brava, in Northeastern Spain, when a mass of starlings began to gather into a shape-shifting cloud, known as a murmuration. This phenomenon is a true spectacle, with hundreds, sometimes thousands or more birds moving and twisting in what appears to be a coordinated, single organism that can quickly morph into some startling shapes.

Photographer Daniel Biber from Hilzingen, Germany was there when the starlings began to swirl and twist, most likely the result of a predator such as a falcon or hawk being in the vicinity. It was almost supernatural that in response to the predator, the cloud of starlings ended up twisting and turning themselves into a giant, single bird, as if to say to their tormentor, “we are bigger than you.”

The photos have earned Mr. Biber a prize in an international photography competition, but he didn’t realise that he had captured such unique shots until later on. “Only when I checked the pictures on the computer later, I realised what formation the starlings had created,” he told the Daily Mail. “I was so concentrated on taking pictures at the time that I hadn’t realised that the starlings had created a giant bird in the sky.”

It was a case of patience pays off for Mr. Biber, who had tried and failed to capture the starlings in full flow before. “’I’ve tried to photograph the starlings but it never worked out as well as I hoped for,” he said. “’I eventually drove to the spot every day for four days in a row in order to capture them. I picked a spot where I thought they would turn up and picked a matching foreground and backdrop in order to put them in scene.”

Scroll down below to check out Mr. Biber’s incredible shots, and if you are a bit of an amateur twitcher yourself, you can add your own bird photos in the comments!

Sometimes in nature things happen that seem too good to be true

Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

Photographer Daniel Biber from Hilzingen, Germany was trying to capture the murmuration of starlings for 4 days when he finally succeeded

Image credits: Daniel Biber/ SWNS

“I’ve tried to photograph the starlings but it never worked out as well as I hoped for”

Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

“I eventually drove to the spot every day for four days in a row in order to capture them”

Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

“I was so concentrated on taking pictures at the time that I hadn’t realised that the starlings had created a giant bird in the sky”

Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

“It took less than 10 seconds for the birds to create that formation”

Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

“I realised that I had captured a unique snapshot, technically, sharp and in high quality”

Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

“It usually happens that birds of prey turn up and the starlings then create bizarre forms. It can be quite erratic and completely random”

Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

“A number of people were watching this display but they were observing it from other spots and might not have seen what I captured”

Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

The incredible images ended up winning an international photography prize!

Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture